Occupational Accident

As a compliment to your overall transportation insurance package, TranSpec offers Occupational Accident insurance for independent Owner-Operators under long-term lease to trucking companies. This coverage is written by several well known "A" rated companies and provides truck drivers with the coverage they need to protect themselves and their families. Occupational Accident applies to accidental injuries that occur while under dispatch by a motor carrier.

Occupational Accident Insurance provides benefits such as:

- Accident Medical Expense

- Accidental Death

- Accidental Dismemberment and Paralysis

- Accident Disability Income


Contingent Liability

When a trucking company sponsors an Occupational Accident Program, Contingent Liability coverage is then available to protect the motor in the event that an injured Owner Operator seeks employee status. Depending on the insurance company used, the Contingent Liability policy will either pay Workers' Comp benefits on behald of the motor carrier, or it will reimburse the motor carrier for any related expenses - which are not covered by any other insurance - that are paid to an Owner-Operator who is successful in being deemed an employee of the motor carrier.

TranSpec can design Occupational Accident plans for motor carriers that sponsor programs for their Owner-Operators, and can also handle groups of individual Owner-Operators that do not have access to a sponsored plan.

This is an excellent account-rounding product that fulfills a very specific need in the marketplace. Contact TranSpec today for details and let us design a plan for your trucking client.

*It is important to understand that Occupational Accident coverage does not replace Workers' Compensation insurance and does not provide coverage for illness.